Review: Sister Act at The Regent Theatre


Sister Act on stage is an exciting, hilarious, and groovy performance of the 1990’s classic film featuring Whoopi Goldberg. The perfect mix of 70’s disco and convent choir.

Alexandra Burke stars as Deloris Van Cartier, a sassy, loud, self absorbed club singer, who after witnessing her boyfriend, Curtis (Aaron Lee Lambert), commit murder, is sent to a convent for protection.

Deloris is not welcomed by Mother Superior played by Karen Mann, who does a great job at expressing her dislike for Deloris, to the humour of the audience.

The story soon comes together beautifully when Deloris and the sisters  unite through prayer and choir.

Director, Craig Revel Horwood, has added a modern twist to this production with some cheeky current references. Although he contrasts the modern themes by emphasising the 70’s disco era with flares, sequins and disco balls. On a few occasions the theatre is drowned with disco ball light – think Saturday Night Fever with a cast of nuns equipped with brass instruments and dressed in sequin habits.

Just like the original, the music is the epicentre of the production. It is the perfect blend of 70’s disco and convent choir, an original soundtrack (written by Alan Menken), which is just as good at hitting all the right emotions as the movie.

The highlight is Take Me To Heaven that gets two energetic performances from Alexandra and her sisters. As to be expected, Alexandra’s vocals are flawless as she sings with great passion and soul.

The live on stage band is provided by the cast who do a tremendous job at intensifying the energy in the theatre.

New storylines are played with, such as a romance between Deloris and “sweaty Eddie”, the cop who sends her to the convent.

As well as a few hilarious moments such as drunk nuns, a memorable one is Curtis’ crew trying to seduce the sisters with their classic 1970’s disco moves, leaving the audience in stitches.

To close, the sisters come together for an epic final performance. The audience are in high spirits as they dance and clap along to the music.

To the sound of immense applause, Deloris makes her way down a lit staircase dressed in the white sequinned dress and white faux fur she’s always wanted.

Sister Act is at The Regent Theatre, Hanley until Saturday 13th May 2017.


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