Review: Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill


Situated on the 25th floor of The Cube in Birmingham, Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill offers mesmerising 360-degree views over the city.

For me, this restaurant is wonderful: the service, the food, the atmosphere all come together for an unforgettable experience.

On arrival we were welcomed by a lovely girl who offered as a choice of two tables. Of course, we chose a table by the window.

The waiter came over within a minute to give us a menu and take our drink order.

The menu surprised me with its variety, whether it’s a 16 oz steak, chicken, fish or even a special vegetarian offers, there was something to suit all tastes.

I started with Michel Bourdin’s kipper pate which was attractively presented.

Michel Bourdin’s kipper pate

Michel Bourdin’s kipper pate


It was a very substantial portion of pate served with two pieces of warm bread. The pate was smooth and had a very rich flavor.

For the main I chose pan fried sea bream, it was once again a very generous portion, very well presented. The filet was thin-sliced served with potatoes. I am not a big lover of sauces, but I was surprised how well sauce complemented the fish.

My friend went for the steak option. I must say he enjoyed his “juicy” steak and he had nothing to complain about.

For a desert I chose a Chicago chocolate brownie. After having two hearty courses already I only managed to eat about a third of my brownie. It was very rich, warmed and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The atmosphere was very peaceful, tables had a good amount of space between them, there was no music, which I prefer. The lighting started with a natural feel and as the evening progressed dimmed to match the outside.

Staff always made sure that everything was alright and were there if we need any help.

The table was booked for 6.30 pm which allowed me and my friend to watch the sunset from the heated balcony bar area, after our meal with a glass of Pinot Noir.

I have to admit the atmosphere and the view over Birmingham do make a big difference to the experience in comparison to a sophisticated restaurant which perhaps is not in such a winning location.

I had a very lovely evening at Marco Pierre White, and I would definitely come back again.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar and Grill, The Cube, Birmingham.


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