Review: Yamato Drummers at Victoria Hall


The enthralling, heavy beat of drums filled the Hanley air as Japanese sensation, the Yamato Drummers, graced Victoria Hall with a magnificent performance.

From start to finish, the Drummers displayed sensational intensity as they struck a wide variety of Taiko drums with computer-like precision in captivating unison.

The performance was filled with exciting segments which had the crowd making just as much noise applauding as the performers did drumming. There was even one moment when the performers set their drums up on an elevated platform, set their legs in place and began drumming whilst doing elevated sit-ups: it’s always good to add in a core workout where you can.

The show mostly consisted of various mini-segments, which ranged from miniature drum-solo battles to comedic hand-symbol displays.

Possibly the most entertaining mini-segment was when five of the performers were using hand-symbols, and two of them began essentially playing ping-pong with the music, pretending to hit an invisible ball of sound back and forth, increasing momentum each time their symbols struck.

Yamato Drummers

Yamato Drummers performing with hand-symbols

Ultimately, other than the toned muscles and 0% body-fat of the Drummers themselves, the most impressive aspect of the show was just how fluid each individual performer moved and how they all performed the exact same movements at the exact same time.

They were so precise that you would mistake them for robots if it wasn’t for their ability to connect with the audience, making them laugh and clap along to the rhythm all throughout the show.

Their sound is so heavy and encapsulating that just hearing it makes you want to do something thrilling and adventurous; the music makes you want to do all of the things that you would otherwise be too afraid to do, your heart racing with excitement all the while.

At the end of their performance, the Yamato Drummers were treated to a standing ovation from the entire audience, and it cannot be said that they didn’t earn it as their levels of passion and intensity seemed to be at their ultimate height from the very get-go.

With their performances evolving with every tour, you can expect that their next trip across the globe will have audiences captivated the entire time too.


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