Review: The Botanical Gardens, Birmingham


Sometimes getting away from it all doesn’t have to take us as far as we might think.

Priding itself on nature and tranquility, The Botanical Gardens is located right in the heart of Birmingham, making it a shock to some as they arrive on the doorstep of one of the UK’s busiest cities.

Centre of the gardens, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

Centre of the gardens, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

Once inside, the atmosphere changes. It is as if you have been picked up and moved to the countryside with the sounds of the city almost drowned out.

The 18 acre gardens offer large green space, intimate woodland walks and vibrant floral colours which make it a picturesque stroll on a nice day.

There is a sense of escapism when you visit the gardens, allowing visitors to fully immerse in the fascinating different species of plants.

The tropical greenhouses are saturated with palm-lined pathways that you could get lost in. The small pockets of light immerse through the towering trunks of cacti and palm trees making you feel like you have stepped onto a tropical island for a moment in time.

The gardens, which are made for exploring, are very well kept and great for energetic kids, with a large green area and playground, which offer perfect run-around space.

Tropical green house, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

Tropical green house, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

Mums and Dads can calmly watch from ‘The Pavilion’ tea room with tea and cake whilst their little ones enjoy what the gardens have to offer.

The aspect that stood out to me the most was the ‘Memory Garden’ which was so tranquil you could just about hear the birds singing.

This area of the park is dedicated to deceased loved ones, where people can erect memorial plaques as a place to pay their respects. The pond in the centre contains a fountain which runs as a focal point to the memorial plaques. Numerous people reflect and enjoy this area which clearly means a lot to some of the park’s members.

I was pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem of Birmingham, I did not expect such a stunning area to be right in the heart of the city.


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