Review: The Bootleg Beatles at Victoria Hall


Hanley was transported back to the 60’s for a night as The Bootleg Beatles reincarnated the psychedelic sound of, The Beatles.

It was easy to see from the very start that The Bootleg Beatles are a popular act, because Victoria Hall was packed to the rafters with fans old and young, itching to get a taste of what was on offer.

As the show began, the audience was treated to a retro-styled video which encompassed all of what that time period was about, featuring interviews with Mohammed Ali, news references to the ‘Swinging Sixties’ and snippets of The Thunderbirds.

As the video was ending, the band ran onto the stage to deafening cheers, and the first thing everyone noticed was just how much they looked like the real thing.

Granted their faces weren’t necessarily doppelganger-worthy of John, Paul, Ringo and George, but they were pretty close and their outfits were 100% spot on from the hair to the shoes.

The Bootleg Beatles

The Bootleg Beatles

Furthermore, whatever The Bootleg Beatles lacked in terms of a physical resemblance to the Fab Four, they more than made up for in their sound, as once their music hit, it felt like we could’ve been at a real-life Beatles gig, except the difference now is most of the crowd were watching through their smartphones.

The Bootleg Beatles didn’t just sound the part when singing, but even when they spoke to the crowd they sounded like the people they were portraying, showing off the distinct mannerisms of each member of the group emphatically well.

In summary it was a very enjoyable show which, at points, had audience members of all ages on their feet dancing and singing along, and they were certainly happy when ‘Paul’ looked across the audience as they played their last song and asked “same time next year?”


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