Review: Rofuto restaurant, Birmingham


Rofuto sits 16 floors high above the Birmingham sky line, offering authentic Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine with panoramic views to match.

The menu, which is highly acclaimed amongst many of Birmingham’s well-known bloggers, offers a taste of different cultures of the Far East.

Sea Bass Tiradito:  The colours and ingredients of this dish are what makes it stand out. The passion fruit and tiger’s milk give it a real kick and left me wanting more and more. As a lover of raw fish I found it so tender and each piece is infused with flavour. This dish works as a great sharer, as the portions are perfect sizes for little nibbles.

Japanese Woods. Photo: Richard Kiely

Japanese Woods. Photo: Richard Kiely

Japanese Woods: This is definitely one of the show-stoppers, served on a wooden rack and a bed of dry ice, it really is visually inspiring. The ‘Japanese Woods’ looks like it’s a piece of art, so much so I didn’t want to eat it! The black garlic really gives it the strong flavour it needed and the textures of salsify really tantalize my taste buds. I would recommend this dish for someone who is experimental with food and open to lots of different flavours and textures.

Dim Sum Platter: This is a completely new style of dining that has come to Rofuto. The concept of tasting many different dishes reminds me of a Japanese version of `Tapas’. This is great – you can taste so many different textures, from crispy spring rolls to soft dumplings. This was by far my favourite dish.

Miracle Berry Dessert: As I am someone with a sweet tooth, I really look forward to dessert, and this one really does what it says on the tin!  The berry makes everything taste sweeter than it should, essentially changing the way things taste! This is intriguing and really did work as wine begins to taste sweeter as time goes on. The colours are gorgeous, I highly recommend this dessert.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is really great, with the dimmed lights, stunning views and exquisite food to match. I will definitely be returning to this luxurious eatery.

Open from Tuesday – Saturday, more information can be found on the Rofuto website.


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