Stoke-on-Trent schoolchildren take part in Sow and Grow campaign


More than 17 primary schools in Stoke-on-Trent are taking part in a new campaign this Spring to encourage more children to eat healthily.

The campaign Sow and Grow is aimed at promoting healthy eating and food education for young children.

The aim is to get children outside, growing vegetables and thinking about healthy eating.

Anne Edwards, nursery teacher at Christ Church CE Primary School in Fenton said: “We want to see children living a healthier and longer life.

“We focus on the nursery and reception classes by using the outdoor play area to grow the fruit and veg.

“The older children take part in a one mile run around the field to help keep them fit and healthy.”

Founder of social enterprise Grow It Yourself Michael Kelly said: “Over the years we have repeatedly seen how even the simplest food-growing experience can make children passionate about what they eat, and help them develop a greater understanding and ‘food empathy.'”

Sow and Grow was set up by innocent drinks and not-for-profit organisation GIY (Grow It Yourself).


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