The first week of Staffordshire Police 50-50 campaign


Seven arrests were made this past week as Staffordshire Police began their 50-50 campaign.

The 50-day operation, which began on Monday 13th March, aims to see officers arresting a number of known criminals, hoping to put a huge dent in the criminal operations of Staffordshire.

The first day of the campaign saw four raids across the Stafford area, resulting in two arrests for possession and intent to supply and the discovery of a cannabis production facility.

Following these raids, Superintendent Elliott Sharrard-Williams said: “This is a great start to the 50-50 operation. In just one morning we have already further disrupted the supply of illegal drugs in Stafford.

“Our efforts this morning have sent a clear message to people considering crimes like this that we will close in on your eventually. Although not all raids were successful, remember we only have to be lucky once, criminals have to be lucky all the time.”

Staffordshire Police also uploaded a video to Facebook demonstrating their tactics when breaching these locations.

The second day of the 50-50 campaign, 14th March, saw the arrest of a man and a woman from Uttoxeter for possession of class A drugs.

While the man has been bailed, Staffordshire Police have stated that no further action will be taken against the woman.

The third day of the campaign saw three dangerous weapons seized from an address on Lowther Street, Hanley.

Police seized two daggers, an imitation handgun and issued a community resolution to a woman living at the address for possession of cannabis.

Three arrests were made on the fourth day of the campaign, after a car search on the M6 uncovered a large amount of a hard, white substance which Staffordshire Police believe to be Class A drugs.

Two men and a teenager were arrested for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and are currently being held for questioning.

For the latest updates, Staffordshire Police will be detailing each arrest here or you can search #police5050 on Twitter.


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