Endon High School to host row-a-thon for charity


Endon High School is hosting a row-a-thon to raise money for three different charities.

Hundreds of students and staff are set to take part in the sponsored event on April 6 at the school, on Leek Road, Endon.

The school has chosen three different causes to donate the money to, including a school and orphanage in Kenya.

Maths teacher, Paul Buttery, who has been at Endon High School for 12 years, has worked closely with the school, and has visited it over the summer and at Christmas to teach.

The second cause is Kuleshwor Awas Secondary School, a partner school in Nepal, which was damaged during a massive earthquake.

And the third is Greyhound Gap, a charity which rescues and rehomes greyhounds and lurchers.

Headteacher Alison Gibson said “We will have at least eight rowing machines in action all day, with 15 minute slots where we have been given a target of getting at least £10. We aim to raise thousands of pounds.

“We have done lots of fundraising and attracted much local and national support to help restore education at the school, paying for three mobile buildings with six rooms in total.

“The money from the row-a-thon will also help to re-build the ground floor of a damaged main building.”



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