Review: Cirque Du Soleil, Varekai at Genting Arena Birmingham


Cirque Du Soleil’s latest touring extravaganza, Varekai is an entertaining show of the highest class – a high-tech spectacle, honed to every turn of the head and every feather on the costumes.

The word, ‘Varekai’ means ‘wherever’ in the Romani language. And this is a  truly magical world where it feels anything can happen.

The theme of the show is based on the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, whose wings melt when he flies to close to the sun.

Unlike the mythical hero, who drowned in the sea, here Icarus falls into a magical forest, a kaleidoscopic world populated by fantastical creatures who help him to learn how to fly again.

Falling from the sky as a solitary young man, Icarus an exotic beauty, who becomes his guiding star and his bride.

From this moment on, the audience, along with the hero and his friends, begin their journey through the amazing world of Varekai.

It’s an adventure-filled two-hours inspired by the nomadic spirit, the wandering circus and an attraction to everything unknown.

Live music accompanies the performances on stage.

The unique combination of  the sounds of Hawaiian rituals, French troubadour songs, traditional Armenian melodies and gospel music gives the show a special magical aura.

The clowns didn’t just make me smile, I laughed-out-loud at their sweet, naive, and witty humour, that had the whole arena laughing without the use of any vulgarity.

Acrobats perform without any security and it’s a fascinating if nail-biting sight.

My favourite was the Russian swing – a spectacle of dexterity. To watch the artists jump from one swing to anothe makes the heart freeze.

In all, Varekai is a magical show I won’t forget.

Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai was at Genting Arena, Birmingham from 1-5 of March 2017.

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