Alton Towers reveals major overhaul ahead of 2017 season


Alton Towers has unveiled improvements made across its Staffordshire theme park – including a complete refurbishment of one of their most popular rides.

Hex – The Legend of the Towers has been closed since the end of 2015 and has undergone an extensive overhaul.

Changes include new signage and flooring, redressed sets and an updated sound system.

The update is part of “Towers Loving Care” – a three-year park-wide programme which aims to spruce up tired areas of the resort.

A spokesperson for Alton Towers said: “We are extremely excited to confirm that following our TLC refurbishment project, Hex will reopen as part of our 2017 ride line up on 25th March.

“Hex first opened in the year 2000 and is a well-loved favourite amongst visitors of all ages, but after 16 years of operation it was time to sprinkle some extra sparkle throughout the attraction.

“Our mission with the refurbishment was to take the time to restore the attraction and update its technology to modern standards.”

Other enhancements this year will see a repainting of the Nemesis station, colour changes to entrance buildings and relaying of the road for coaches.

A full list of park modifications can be found on their Twitter page, while all changes to Hex have been posted on Alton Towers’ website.


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