Alton Towers theme park undergoes virtual makeover in fan-made game


Die-hard Alton Towers fans will soon be able to explore the Staffordshire theme park – from the comfort of their home.

Virtual Towers Online is a project being developed to recreate the resort, including a management simulation-style gameplay.

All rides, gardens and the Towers ruins are set to be included in the game.

Players will need to work together online to successfully run the park and all of its attractions in team-based competition.

For those wanting a more relaxed experience, the game will offer the chance to wander the grounds and experience the rides first hand.

A small team of six designers have been working on the game since 2013, with the first area featuring Oblivion and The Smiler almost complete.

Project director Peter Barker, 29, from Blackpool, said: “Months can be sunk into one ride depending on how complicated it is, plus when you then take into consideration landscaping, queue lines, theming elements and scenery, it’s no easy task.

“Some of the smaller rides that don’t really have a great deal to them will be much quicker and easier to do.

“It will be tricky to do rides like Hex and Duel as these have so much going on in such a finite area.”

3D artist Dan Cotton moved from Lincoln to Hanley to work at Alton Towers and has been working on the project from November 2014.

He said: “At its core we intend to create a place where people can not only enjoy themselves in a virtual representation, but learn part of how parks are run and the history behind Alton Towers.

“Plus maybe the chance to relive a bit of history by bringing some of the past rides to life again!”

There is no release date for Virtual Towers Online and to play it will require an internet connection.

Mr Barker said: “The best way to describe us is ambitious.

“We have a lot of ideas for what we want to put into this.

“The thought of actually producing something no one has ever seen before keeps us driving forward and knowing that we have the followers that also want to see us get there too helps.”

The rest of the team is co-founder and modeler Steve Boswell, Stafford SketchUp modeler Ben Moore, graphic artist David Ainsworth, from Macclesfield, and custom texture designer Janey Ellis, from Farnborough.

For up to date progress reports, visit Virtual Towers Facebook page at:

(Image Credit: Virtual Towers Online)


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