Staffordshire University Students’ Union urges students to register to vote


Representatives from Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union have been out on campus encouraging students to get registered to vote ahead of Stoke-on-Trent Central’s by-election.

They have spent the last week campaigning to encourage as many students as possible to register to vote before the deadline tonight (February 7).

This comes after it was revealed just four students in Leek Road halls of residence, and Liberty Court, Shelton, are currently on the electoral register.

Up to 3,000 eligible voters may not be able to vote in the by-election on February 23.

Staffordshire University Students’ Union vice-president Darren Clarke said: “Surprisingly a lot of students didn’t know there was a by-election happening. Some students are so sheltered on campus, they don’t know what’s going on outside of it.

“I think people tend to be more worried about their home politics. A lot of students don’t realise that they can be registered to vote at home and at university.”

Signs have been posted around the University to remind students to register

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has also been involved in the campaign and visited the university’s campus.


Staffordshire University student, Matt Sharrocks, who was announced recently as the chairman of Labour for students, is also concerned about the number of students still yet to register to vote.

He said: “It’s disappointing that people don’t know there’s a by-election because it’s important that they vote if they really do care about prosperity. ”


People only have until midnight tonight (February 7) to register to vote and can do so at


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