Cyrano at The New Vic Theatre: review


Northern Broadsides makes a welcome return to the New Vic with a joint-production of Deborah McAndrew’s hilarious adaptation of Cyrano.

Based on Edmond Rostand’s 1897 famous French play, Cyrano de Bergerac, this version is uplifting, light-hearted and comical.

Set in 1640 France, Cyrano is a tale of unrequited love, poetry and an extremely large nose.

Cyrano, played by Christian Edwards, is a man of many traits – great wit, romantic poet and skilled swordsman. The only problem is the size of his nose, which hinders his chances of love when he falls in love with the beautiful Roxane (Sharon Singh). Cyrano is unable to tell her how he feels because he sees himself as ‘ugly’ and believes Roxanne will never a love an man that looks like him.

When new cadet, Christian de Neuvilette (Adam Barlow) becomes desperate to charm Roxanne he uses Cyrano’s poetic words to do so.  On the one-hand Cyrano is finally able to tell Roxane how he feels about her, but on the other Roxanne is unaware that it is the words of Cyrano she is falling for.

Christian Edwards is phenomenal, and should be praised for his portrayal of Cyrano. His stage presence is so confident at playing the witty swordsman and his personality so real, you almost forget where you are.

Authentic costumes and props, such as traditional style musketeer hats decorated with big white feathers, bring the production to life with striking realism.

The flawless live music within this production is a highlight and is a credit to director and composer, Conrad Nelson. It is remarkable,  how the cast plays such a great part in each of the magnificent songs by playing an instrument, adding many layers to the music.

This wonderful production is two-and-a-half hours of high-energy, swashbuckling, romantic comedy.

The fun made out of Cyrano’s nose left the audience whelping with laughter. Although, be warned, you are not to look at, or mention it!


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