Boxer Owen Jobburn delighted to be fighting in Stoke-on-Trent


Boxer Owen Jobburn has said it’s “brilliant to be back” in Stoke-on-Trent ahead of his welterweight clash at Fenton Manor Sports Complex on Saturday.

The 27 year-old will face Victor Edagha at the same venue where he won his pro debut fight against Sylwester Walczak last October.

Jobburn impressed in his second pro fight in December and says his focus remains on improving as a novice and winning more fights.

”It’s brilliant to be back here [at Fenton Manor]on a home show again, in front of my own fans,” he said.

”As a novice pro it’s just about getting the wins now, I don’t care who I fight, I just want to be out there fighting as much as possible and get as many wins as I can.”

Jobburn, who turned pro after spending over half a decade in the armed forced, acknowledged how well his training camp has gone ahead of this fight and detailed some of the differences between the two occupations.

“Camp has gone really well, I’ve had about eight weeks to build up to it. Everything has gone well, my diet has been fine, and training has been brilliant. I’ve trained twice a day, six times a week. I couldn’t be happier, I’m ready.

“Boxing is the toughest sport in the world and being in the army is one of the toughest professions, especially the infantry.

”But in boxing you’re on your own, it’s just you in the ring with one other person, in the army it’s about working as a team and working together.

”We all work as a team in the gym, but as soon as the bell goes in the ring, it’s just you and the other guy.”

Featuring for the second time on a show put on by Ricky Hatton Boxing, headlined by Nantwich sensation Nathan Gorman, Jobburn is itching to hear the sound of the bell.

Jobburn said: “It was a brilliant show last time, especially with it being on Boxnation and getting to see the highlights of the fight. It was quite surreal to be honest. I just want to get out there and get it done.

“Ricky Hatton has always been my favourite fighter growing up, so it’s brilliant.

”I’ve read on his facebook page that he wants to turn Fenton Manor into a fortress for Nathan Gorman, so for an early fight in my career I don’t mind being on Nathan’s undercard if I’m in Stoke. It’s looking good at the moment.”


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