Review: Vegan tapas at The Silken Strand, Leek


‘Veganuary’ has been the talk on social media this month, which has educated people on veganism and inspired them to try a plant based diet.

The Silken Strand, Leek, downstairs tapas restaurant

The Silken Strand, Leek, Tapas Restaurant

As a member of the Stoke Vegan Society, I noticed that The Silken Strand, in Leek, were advertising a vegan night with an all new vegan menu.

Much to my disappointment it had already sold out, but luckily the owner of the restaurant invited me in for a sneak peek.

The impressive basement of the building houses the tapas restaurant, which is decorated in a traditional Spanish style, giving diners the impressions there were in Seville and not Staffordshire.

The first dish I tried was the Tinger, a Mexican casserole.

It contained beautifully soft vegetables with a spicy tomato sauce that really did have a kick to it. What surprised me the most about this dish was how filling it was, the sheer amount of vegetables and juicy tomato sauce really does fill you up although it is bite sized and absent of meat.

Mexican Tinger, The Silken Strand, Leek

Vegan Mexican Tinger, The Silken Strand, Leek.

The second dish I tried was the Courgette Tempura (my personal favourite), and possibly the nicest vegan dish I have tried in a restaurant. The perfect crispy exterior and the soft courgette worked together perfectly and great dipped in the casserole sauce, too.

Finally, the sweet potato and avocado canapés. These were presented carrot sticks wrapped in cucumber which resembled mini sushi. The vegetables bright colours looked great on the plate.

Courgette Tempura, The Silken Strand, Leek

Vegan Courgette Tempura, The Silken Strand, Leek

People often say tapas is not a substantial meal, but with mini tasters of each dish, I can honestly say that it left me feeling full and satisfied throughout the whole day.

I will definitely be attending the next vegan night at The Silken Strand to experience the full evening. I really recommend this place for people that are new to veganism, strict long-term vegans, or people that are just wanting to try it out. The restaurant is the perfect environment for a date night and has space for events too.

The staff were so welcoming, accommodating and couldn’t do enough for me. Hats off to the chef for creating an exquisite vegan menu which opens up the restaurant to a wider audience!


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