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English shoe brand, Irregular Choice is, as the name suggests, footwear for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Dan Sullivan started the brand in 1999 as a response to what he saw as a boring shoe market. Back then, black and brown were the main colours of shoe available, and this situation was just too dull for those who, like Dan, wanted a more quirky, individualistic look.

Clearly many others share his view, because since then the brand has gone from a small London business to an internationally recognised product worn by many celebrities. And the company’s designs have made it onto the red carpet on the feet of stars such as Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, and Little Mix.

Last month (November 2016) Irregular Choice opened a new store in Birmingham to a phenomenal reception. And this means no more treks to London or Leicester for Staffordshire-based fans to get hold of the shoes.

Irregular Choice’s International Brand and Marketing Manager, Sally Glover, says: “The store has surpassed our expectations. Our fans were really excited about the store opening and they have been making special trips to visit as well as lots of customers who are new to the brand discovering us.”

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Floating shelves filled with the Autumn collection

Located on Link Street, the store has been designed to look as quirky as the shoes. With a carousel horse in the window, and floating shelving across the walls, it is a wonderland for shoe enthusiasts. This is how Sullivan described the shops in an interview from the company’s brand booklet. He went on to say that the stores should be something unforgettable. An irregular choice world that carries all of their merchandise and not just the shoes. Irregular Choice also do a line of accessories including: mittens, bags, and greeting cards, along with a few other trinkets.

The Birmingham store has attracted lots of attention since its opening, selling out of many shoes very quickly. All of Irregular Choice’s shoe uppers are handmade. It is common for their shoes to sell out a matter of weeks after release. The quickest time ever being 13 minutes and 44 seconds on a limited edition pair of Christmas themed heels.

Shortly after the store opened the brand released a Cinderella range, the third Disney collection to be released after Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. The majority of sizes in this collection sold out very quickly. Its currently less than a month after release and many of the shoes are unavailable in store and online.

According to Sally: “The Cinderella launch caused quite a stir with queues of shoppers waiting for them to go on sale at noon”. This happened all across the country where people had queued up for hours in order to get a chance to grab a pair of the new collection in their size. The shoes had beautiful glittering heels with lights that worked when you walk, flats with characters from the movie, and the crowning piece that wasn’t released until a week later, a pair of wedge heels with a rotating Cinderella on display in the wedge


Rusty Dusty, Irregular Choice boot.

The latest big collection release was in July with their Autumn/Winter 2016 range. The AW16 assortment takes inspiration from fairy tales and woodland creatures. With Squirrel embellishments, shoes with monster teeth and swan character heels, the collection definitely lives up to its predecessors. There are some more muted options thrown in as well for those who want beautiful shoes without going too bold – many of the shoes contain a shimmering bronze upper to go with any outfit.

One of many bags

One of Irregular Choice’s many bags

Some of the shoes even have a matching bag to go with them and complete your outfit.

Some of these are in store next to the shoes or you can head online to find the one you want. The website gets over 345,000 hits a month and is prone to crashes upon release of new shoes. It’s definitely worth a visit to the stores early on release days, to try and bag a one-of-a-kind, limited edition shoe.

And just so you don’t feel left out there is a men’s collection as well. Although it is a lot smaller and not quite as out-there as some of the women’s shoes the brand creates.

Sally mentions that they have new concept heels launching in the new year with the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. And for the first time Irregular choice will be launching a kid’s range. She also hints towards a new Disney collaboration in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out for what’s in store.

Next year is sure to contain a fantastic array of bedazzling designs and amazing footwear.
Visit the Birmingham store or check out the website to view the full-range


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