Darts is number one at Thistley Hough Academy in Stoke-on-Trent


Darts is so popular at one Stoke-on-Trent school it’s become part of the timetable!

The city has produced the best darts players in the world – and now Thistley Hough Academy are hoping to unearth the new Phil Taylor or ‘Jackpot’ Lewis.

The academy in Penkhull has extended its lunchtime to make space for darts as well as other activities.

It’s all part of the school’s THActive programme which surveyed staff and students on their favourite activities.

Now more than 50 activities are offered at the academy – and darts hit the bullseye at number one!

Academy students playing darts

Academy students playing darts

Caty Reid, Vice Principal and programme co-ordinator, said: “It was really interesting that when our survey came back darts came top, though maybe that’s because we have a local darts champion in Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor!”

Chris Dillon, director of mathematics at the academy, said the interesting survey results came as little surprise.

“Stoke is surrounded by darts and is the base of darts in the UK – the parents play it at home and at the weekend with their kids!

“I think it is really good that it is being brought into the school.”

And he also hopes that more students who step up to the oche will produce better GCSE results.

“It’s linking real world maths with education,” he added.

“The students don’t always see the educational side, but rather just have fun with it.”

Dart board

Thistley Hough Academy delivered dartboard

Ian Brailsford, Assistant Principal, said: “The students don’t even realise they’re working on their maths skills.

“I think it is massively important that the kids have these opportunities.”

THactive aims to give students a chance to make friends, learn new skills and have fun.

(Additional reporting by Ellie Stringer)


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