Christmas Presents for Students? – It’s definitely in the bag this year


From the silly to the thoughtful, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best at Christmas, especially for hard-to-buy-for young adults.

Gadgets to help with study are always a safe bet. However, as most students struggle to find the cash to even feed themselves, a bag of pasta may do. And on a low budget, it’s time to think, what do we really need?

After Christmas it can be hard for students to go back to what is often a freezing cold university house, and a sea of projects and exams that make them feel like they are drowning in work. In these circumstances any present will be greatly received. So no matter what your budget, the following gifts are sure to bring cheer to any student’s stocking.

Food Gifts

Everyone loves a gift that you can eat or drink, especially cash-strapped students! Surprise your student friends, by taking advantage of special offers in local shops, or buy online to avoid the Christmas crowds. If you want to make a present more personal, personalise a wine or whiskey bottle with your recipient’s name on it. Or on a more practical level a food hamper filled with sweet treats or a normal food shop can be a big help.

Relaxation and Pamper Gifts

After the stress of examinations and coursework deadlines, what could be better than some relaxing bubble bath, or bath bombs? There’s always the possibility this gift may create subtle jibes about your friend’s body odour. But jokes aside, these presents can create a perfect atmosphere for spending a cozy winter’s day relaxing.

Lush has various box sets of selected bath bombs with a Christmas touch for all price ranges. For example: ‘Where The Heart Is’ gift set at £14.95 includes: a shower gel, soap and body lotion to make you feel ‘at home’ – a small price considering how many products you get.

Quality Headphones

University roommates often have varying sleeping patterns due to different classes and schedules. Time for them in a shared place is often accompanied by video, gaming or internet browsing.  To refrain from complaints, a pair of headphones will soon become a university student’s best tech-friend.

Gift Cards

This is universal. Do not give student’s money because it will almost never be spent on what it should be. Gift cards direct their focus and they’re far more likely to buy necessities like food and toiletries. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. Gift cards for New Look, HMV and even Superdrug are good choices because there will always be something that students want in store, even if they use it to help out when funds are running low.

Drinking Games and Accessories

Beer Pong – yes, really. Everyone loves this game, but very few students have the set, only a few beer ridden playing cards, half of them lost. You could be THAT friend, the one who everyone in university wants to pre-drink with. University is about networking, so this is the perfect cheap option. Boots sell quirky drinking accessories such as, a humorous hip-flask or a pop-up peer glass.


DVD Sets

Whether you’re procrastinating over work or have finally met all the deadlines, there’s always an excuse to binge watch your favourite TV series. Your room-mate who is a crazed Walking Dead fan – sure, they probably know how to watch every episode online for free, but having their own box-set to watch whenever is really handy. They can re-watch whenever  they like and CEX sell pre-owned box sets in great condition if you are worried about the price.

Shot Glasses

Nights out are a main part of university life, so students can never have too many shot glasses. Whether you have 3 or 30 more will always be welcomed in a student household. You can buy cheap personalised ones online, a set for under £10, or pick a set up at your local Poundland. They make great stocking fillers.

Student Cookery Books

When you are living off pasta and toast, a cookery book to help improve your culinary skills will never go amiss. All students welcome instructions on how to make simple, tasty meals on a budget, to impress housemates and parents. ‘The Ultimate Student Cook Book’ from Amazon for only £9.99 fits the bill nicely.


Photo Albums

As they say, friends made at university, are friends for life. Although we’re in the age of the digital selfie, it’s always nice to have a simple photo album, or even a framed photo to display a memory you have shared or embarrassing moments you will want to live down but unfortunately cannot be erased.



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