The Snow Queen at the New Vic Theatre review


Director Theresa Heskins has exceeded expectations with this sparkling adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s winter fairytale.

Though aimed more towards children, The Snow Queen was thoroughly enjoyed by all ages in the audience, receiving a standing ovation at the end.

The tale takes us on an adventure with Gerda (Natasha Davidson) as she desperately tries to find her friend Kai (Luke Murphy), who has gone missing after being persuaded by the Snow Queen to leave his home.

Polly Lister is outstanding as the intimidating Queen. It is a surprise to see her prowling up and down the audience, appearing from different directions around the stage. Making the most of the theatre being in the round, she projects her cold personality for us all to feel – mesmerising to watch to say the least.

The best moments come from the live band, which is made up of almost the entire cast, a talented bunch of actor musicians. Setting the scenes perfectly and creating an unusual mix of enchantment and fear in the Snow Queen’s presence. The transition from actor/actress to musician is admirable.

The Snow Queen is visually very pleasing to watch, showcasing creative, extravagant and captivating costumes that can’t be ignored. The Queen is indeed the stand out, covered from head-to-toe in sparkling white. She dazzles from her dress to her striking head piece and she rightly stole the show.

The inventive lighting design creates many illusions, from projection of giant snowflakes on the Snow Queen’s dress, to the effective use of spot lights, and a vortex of flickering light on the stage, which takes us back in time to the beginning of the adventure.

A sprinkling of snow onto the audience is a lovely touch to make us feel a part of this magical winter fairytale.

The Snow Queen at the New Vic Theatre runs until January 28th. For tickets visit


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