Port Vale’s Jak Alnwick pledges to shave his beard for Movember charity


Port Vale’s Jak Alnwick has agreed to shave his beard for Movember so that he can give back to those less fortunate.

The charity event, which takes place in November every year, sponsors men to grow their facial hair in a bid to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Alnwick is bucking the trend by shaving off his iconic beard, rather than growing one for the cause.

The goalkeeper is known for having a beard at Port Vale and many around the club have never seen him without his facial hair.

Vale’s number one keeper has mentioned that the charity page is available on the club’s website and that he is hoping that people can get involved.

He said: “Obviously, we’ve got a JustGiving page on the Port Vale website just to raise as much as we can and just get involved in giving money to less fortunate people.

“Whether it’s a pound that you give, or give as much as you want to give, just go on a help a good cause really.”

The 23-year-old said he noticed a lack of charity campaigns so he offered to sacrifice his beard so others can benefit.

He said: “That’s why I wanted to do it. I wanted to start it off.

“Obviously, charities need money and I’m going to start off by doing this.

“Hopefully it will build onto bigger things and other people will start giving and as a club, we should build more on giving back to the community.”

Alnwick is hoping that this charity campaign will push his team mates to donate to the cause and start a new string of charity cases at the club.

He added: “I think there is a few that should donate some money and I think Browny is going to put a bit of money in.

“They’ve all said that they are going to put some money in, I don’t know how much, but all the money is going to help.

“Hopefully there is a few that will do something in the future and raise money for less fortunate people.”

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