Australian comedian singer/songwriter Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson entertains Palace Theatre, Manchester


Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson is Australia’s most infamous comedian.

He is also one of its most successful.

Touring regularly, with his acoustic guitar with the Australian flag emblazoned on the front, Wilson is on his ‘Second of the Final Farewell Tours (Perhaps!).’

Wilson is extremely popular despite not receiving mainstream airplay mainly because he swears a lot and calls ‘a spade a spade.’

I heard Kevin for the first time at a friend’s house after school.

My friend had a ‘Kev’s Back’ LP stashed down the side of his cupboard and we played ‘Hey Santa Claus’ and ‘Dictaphone’ and sniggered together.

Wilson’s motto is ‘D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F’, translated as ‘Do I look like I give a F***’, and he is not bothered being ignored by the music mainstream.


Here Kevin is supported by his daughter, Jenny Talia, who warms up the crowd.

Audience member Rob, in the front row, cops abuse from Talia, then she adds: “You think I’m bad, I’m just the apprentice,” and nods towards her dad at the side of the stage.

After a break, during which there is a fight in the audience, Wilson appears on stage in his check shirt, denim jeans and black shoes.

He is so old now that he ‘gives his age in Fahrenheit’, but ‘brings a smile to people’s faces when he tells them he is 69.’

He rips into an unreleased song called, ‘Tolerance’ about a society that embraces minority identities but sacrifices its own. He says he’s tired of political correctness joking that ‘the two words don’t even go together.’

Wilson makes passing comment on Donald Trump’s victory in his trademark unpolitically correct style which had the audience roaring in support.

Near the end of the show Wilson plays a medley of his famous hits including, ‘Hey Santa Claus’, ‘Dictaphone’ and ‘Living next Door to Alan’.

He has a good following in the UK and the audience sing along, call out in support and laugh raucously. But for fans the end comes all too abruptly with Wilson exiting the stage without an encore, leaving the crowd to disperse into a wet, Mancunian night.

Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson was at The Palace Theatre, Manchester on 13 November 2016. His tour comes to the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on Tuesday, 15 November 2016. For details call 01743 281 281 or visit


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