Inquest hears 39-year-old woman committed suicide from drug overdose.


An inquest has heard that a Stoke-on-Trent woman committed suicide by taking prescription drugs after years of problems with depression.

A post-mortem examination and toxicology report on Susan Bryan, aged 39, of Baddeley Green, showed that she had taken the drugs hours before her death.

Her body was found by her mother, Lynda Tomkinson who lived in the house next door.

She became suspicious when her daughter was not answering her phone calls. She went next door to check on her only to find she had died in her bedroom.

There were visible cuts found to her arms and medication on the bedside when her body was found.

Coroner Anthony James said: “Susan had suffered from depression and medical difficulties from an early age, with a history of self-harm.”

It was revealed that Mrs Bryan was also badly injured from a fall down the stairs in 2013 which triggered further depression.

“She had fractured her skull, and lost her hearing in which her recovery lasted up until 2015,” said the coroner.

Her mother described her daughter’s difficulties to the inquest: “She couldn’t blink, or even cry, she felt even more worthless.

“She was so tortured; I couldn’t do anything for her, nobody could find an answer for it.”

Mr Paul Bryan, the woman’s husband told the court: “When we were friends before, it was evident she had depression.

“The self-harm was sporadic, and our doctor really did try to get a grip of it.

“Our marital problems started one year after the fall, this put a strain on the relationship, but none of us expected the outcome that night.”

The coroner confirmed that the cause of death was fatal combined toxicity, a mixture of strong pain killers and anxiety medication.

Verdict: suicide.


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