How Blood Brothers changed my view of musical theatre


Blood brothers, created by Willy Russell completely changed my opinion on musical theatre. I caught the world famous musical for the first time on the Birmingham leg of its current tour, which runs at various venues across the UK until April next year.

The show was a whole new experience for me and I didn’t really no what to expect. The last time I recall going to a theatre I was a child, watching a cheesy pantomime performance. I guess, I expected something similar from Blood Brothers and was left mind-blown in return.

To my surprise it was ‘realism’, how Willy Russell brought life to the stage so well that struck me. Everything about the production, from the costumes, props and set design contributes to making the entire performance feel authentic.

The stage was decorated with typical British terraced houses and graffiti brick walls – perfect for portraying Liverpool in the 1960’s.

The musical tells the story of twins who were separated at birth. Their working class mother could not afford to keep them both and was convinced to give one away by her wealthy, childless employer who later passed the child off as her own.

The whole plot is filled with gripping drama that takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. There were times when the whole theatre laughed away and other times when we were all frightened for our lives.

I am certain that Blood Brothers best asset is triggering real human emotion. I’d have thought it crazy to think 34 years after it was first staged the show can still have such a strong impact on people – but its emotional impact hasn’t lessened over time.

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