Review: Dirty Dancing at the Regent Theatre, Hanley


Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage is a worldwide phenomenon which began in 2004.

The musical tells the famous tale of Baby and Johnny, two people from different worlds that come together at a holiday resort.

It combines music from the original movie soundtrack with live performances to recreate the magic of the film.

As the music begins, the stage fills with stunning visuals, yet this is only a taste of what is to come.

Actors Katie Harland and Lewis Griffiths. Picture by Alastair Muir

Actors Katie Harland and Lewis Griffiths. Picture by Alastair Muir

Katie Hartland and Lewis Griffiths are truly mesmerising in the roles of Francis ‘Baby’ Houseman and Johnny Castle.

Katie Hartland’s portrayal of Baby makes it easy for the audience to connect with her on her journey of sexual awakening.

There is amazing chemistry between the actors which creates electricity on the stage.

This tension building between them is nicely broken up with moments that make you laugh out loud.

Clever use of scenery and visual effects creates a stark contrast between the up-tight hotel area and the vibrant staff quarters.

The staff quarters scenes are exciting and energetic which makes you watch in awe, the same way that Baby does in the story.

The set design also enables the cast to quickly transport you to different places.

However, they were so determined to stick to the original story, that some of the scene changes felt unnecessary and interrupted the progression of the story.

Overall, the energy of the actors paired with the spectacular musical numbers leaves you with a lasting smile on your face.

This show will take you to the summer of 1963 and you might not want to go home.

Dirty Dancing is at the Regent Theatre until Saturday, November 12.

For tickets visit or contact the box office on 0844 871 7649.


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