Cheadle Carnival set to return after social media campaign success


Cheadle Carnival could be making a comeback after campaigners took to social media to promote the idea of recreating the legendary summer event.

The idea came from Tim Cliffe and Mark Hulton, local residents and workers in the town.

The pair set up a Facebook page ‘Bring back Cheadle Carnival’ and asked all friends and family to like the page and spread the word.

Dave Seckington, manager of The Master Potter Hungry Horse pub in Cheadle, offered the 1000th ‘liker’ of the page a £20 voucher.

Word spread fast and was even overheard being discussed in the local supermarket as well as school playgrounds.

A meeting is being held at The Master Potter tonight (Friday 30th September) in order primarily elect a committee, which is required before the campaign can move forward and any plans can be put into place.

The original carnival came to an end in 2000 after it is thought that funding ran dry and the town had to say goodbye to the floats, dancers, cadet parades and competitions everybody loved.

Mr Cliffe told us: “As children we loved the carnival, it was a fun filled family day out.

“The entire community got involved in some way whether that be making costumes for dancers, making floats, being on floats, marching bands etc.

“There really was a sense of community spirit that seems to have been lost in recent years, this is something we are hoping to revive.

“We want to involve people of all ages from all walks of life in any we can.”

The campaign has received a mass of support from local businesses offering donations in terms of sponsorship, and the group plan to host a range of fundraisers in order to afford the event and all it has to offer.

Those who remember the carnival in its glory days have taken to Facebook to share their excitement, with Emma Callear writing: “I loved participating in troupe. The parade was socially fantastic.”

Audrey Allman commented: ” Always loved it. Hope to see the return of Cheadle carnival.

“Brilliant it was. But one person who I’ll miss terribly who won’t be there, Les Oak’s and his Shire horses.”

And Leona Carnwell said: “Brilliant times. not a care in the world those days.”

More news and updates will come after tonight’s meeting, Tim and Mark welcome all to come along and show support.

The campaign group would like to thank the local businesses who have offered support so far:
The Raddle
Cheadle Motor Parts
RCM Recruitment
GMH Autos
Steadmans Vehicle Repairs
Rakeway Motor Sport Engineeres
Roy Howell Commercials
Airfawn Garage Services LTD
Funfair Ride Hire LTD
Strap Master Cargo Control LTD
Jason Hough Workshop Tools and Consumables
Thornbury Hall Restaurant
Midland Grab and Crane Hire
Blythe Scaffolding LTD
Nationwide Silo Access LTD
Genesis 2000 Transport LTD
Les Oakes & Sons
Hales Hall Camping and Caravaning Park 
JC Plastering
Hen Lee Valeting LTD
Fresh Produce
Central Garage
Shaun Spooner Autos
Ashleighs Builders
Wheel ‘N’ Tyres 
Bro Sport
Airafwn Consultants LTD
Master Potter Hungry Horse Cheadle
Premier Taxis 
J Sprays


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