Residents to decide the fate of beloved Goldenhill Second World War memorial


The residents of Sandyford and Goldenhill are being called upon to decide the fate of the Second World War memorial in the grounds of St John the Evangelist Church.

Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Association held two meetings today to answer questions about the proposed plans for the memorial.

People are being asked to fill out questionnaires and submit their comments to the residents’ association.

St John’s closed in 2014 because of low congregation numbers and is now in poor condition.

The location of the current memorial, St John's Church, now stands abandoned.

The location of the current memorial, St John’s Church, now stands abandoned.

The community is worried that the memorial could be destroyed if the run-down church is sold or demolished.

Councillor Martin Garner said he was keen to protect the memorial and has made two proposals to solve the problem along with the offer of funding the project with his ward fund.

The existing memorial could be relocated to Goldenhill’s Methodist Church, costing around £2,500, or a new granite slab memorial could be placed there which would cost an estimated £1,000.

Tom Simpson, secretary for Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Association said: “The war memorial is important to Sandyford as well as Goldenhill.

“The concerns mainly were what would happen to this memorial and 47 names are on this memorial from the ward in the Second World War.

“We are hoping to make this memorial more safe and secure for generations to come.

“The memorial could get broken if we try to move it because it’s bolted to the wall but the memorial movers have told us any damage can be fixed.

“Having a consultation is really important and all residents of Goldenhill and Sandyford can have their say.”

Joan Sherratt, 63, from Sandyford a former parishioner at St John’s is against the memorial being moved.

She said: “The war memorial is part of St John’s heritage.

“If this war memorial stone has to be removed I would like one that we can walk around with shelves for poppies and a cross for a symbol of courage and faith.”

There are locations around the area for residents to get questionnaires from and the Residents Public Annual General Meeting takes place on April 14 at 7.30pm.

All questionnaires must be handed into the Post Office, High Street, Goldenhill by April 22 and the most popular proposal will go ahead.


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