Games Review: E T Armies


E T armies is the first game to come from Iran since trade sanctions were recently lifted. This derivative first person shooter sets no other precedent for games from the region, falling short of the western blockbuster shooters it attempts to replicate.

As with Call of Duty et al, E T armies is divided into two modes: a single player campaign, which tells the story of a member of the Pars army, a race of human-like individuals, who are holding out against an invasion from Humans of Earth.

There is also a multiplayer mode, where players fight across two maps in teams of eight. Unfortunately, we can only talk about the single player portion of the game, because every multiplayer server is completely empty less than a week after the launch of the game.

The B-movie storytelling is lacklustre, comprised of forgettable moments and generic clichés that make little sense. At one point your character separates from his squad for no conceivable reason. Beyond the plot, the voice acting is poor, and filled with grammatical errors, failures that further undermine the experience.

The level design is the standard for FPS games – shoot enemies and move to the next area, shoot some more enemies and move on again. To pad the game out, developer Raspina Studios includes lengthy sections between the firefights; often you walk for miles without anything much happening.

The best part about the game is easily the visuals. For an indie title, the game is extremely pretty and, while not on the same levels as Call of Duty (it’s worth noting that this independently produced game retails for a fraction of the cost of Activision’s luxuriously produced series), the graphics dazzle, often thanks to the dramatic lighting.

Good looks can only go so far, and they fail to mask the game’s many flaws.

Played on: PC

Publisher: Merge Games

Score: 2/5


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