Comic fans flock to Stoke CON Trent Convention at Staffordshire University


Around 1,500 comic and sci-fi fans flocked to the fourth Stoke CON Trent event.

People travelled from across the country – and some from America – to the convention, held at Staffordshire University on Sunday, April 17.

One father and daughter cosplay gained a lot of attention.

One father and daughter cosplayer got a lot of attention.

The twice-yearly event is growing in popularity and won ComicConvention‘s Convention of the Year award last year.

Stoke CON Trent hosts cosplay competitions every year, showcasing some of the finest costume-building talents and gives awards for two categories – under 16s and over 16s.

Cosplay is a performance art in which people dress up as a character.

The cosplayers took part in a parade in the courtyard where special guest judges picked six people or groups to move on to the final round with the chance to win a trophy.

Star Wars actor Paul Blake was one of the popular guests at the convention.

Star Wars actor Paul Blake

Paul Blake, who played bounty hunter Greedo in Star Wars  attended for the second time.

The Birmingham-born actor said: “There has been lots of development in Stoke-on-Trent, especially with the impressive University and culture quarter.”

Organiser Terry Bossons said “We have about 30 to 35 guests every event, but I speak to around 500 people before we get those that are confirmed.”

“It’s not that they say no, it’s because they’re busy or away filming because that’s what they do.”

“We can usually put them on ice and get them to come next time.

“It’s certainly helping Stoke’s tourist industry.”






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