Weston Coyney schoolgirl is one of the youngest dog agility competitors at Crufts


A schoolgirl from Weston Coyney is one of the youngest competitors in dog agility to take to the arena in Crufts.

Emilia Bowers, 11, finished eighth in the Young Kennel Club Agility Dog of the Year, with her Cocker Spaniel Rory.

The young dog lover competed against all of the under 17 finalists showing different dog sizes and recorded a time of 39.6 seconds to run around the obstacles with Rory.

The winner was Holly Ryan, 14, and her Border Collie who recorded a time of 34.7 seconds.

It is Emilia and Rory’s second time at competing in the world-famous competition, held at Birmingham’s NEC.

Emilia Bowers and her cocker spaniel Rory

Emilia Bowers and her cocker spaniel Rory

Emilia said: “I am really proud of myself and for getting into the main ring.

“I have been training dogs for about four years and I have always wanted to enter competitions.

“My mum and dad have been doing agility ever since I was born so I grew up with dogs and I have just always wanted to do agility.

“I have got Rory the Cocker Spaniel a Spitz that is in training now and I also compete with my dad’s Border Collie.

“Rory is seven my Spitz is three and the Collie is 10 – we have seven dogs but I mainly train with those three.

Emilia’s dad Kevin said he named the rosette-winning dog Rory after a former Stoke City midfielder Rory Delap.

Mr Bowers joked: “We met Rory Delap and Emilia went up to him and said ‘I have a dog named after you he is a Cocker Spaniel and we named him Rory because he has big ears like you.’

Emilia’s mum Lotta said: “I am really proud that she has such a big achievement of competing at Crufts.

“She can always say I won my group at Crufts and got to compete in the main arena.

“We have trained with Staffs Agility School.

“Since last year they have really pushed her they do not make any difference between her being 11 and the adults they treat them exactly the same way to get them to achieve.

“I think I am more nervous than she is I hide in the back because Rory was my dog and at first he wouldn’t run for Emilia he would always come back to me he won’t do it now but I still hide just in case.”


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