Filmmaker brings scares to Hanley with premiere of new movie The Slayers


A Stoke-on-Trent filmmaker is bringing some Hollywood glitz to the Potteries by giving his new film its first showing.

John Williams, a 42-year-old director from Norton, will be premiering his latest work The Slayers at Mitchell Memorial Theatre in Hanley tonight (March 4).

The film is heavily rooted in Staffordshire, with many aspects of the film linked with the area.

Mr Williams said: “Most of the cast and crew, including the bands on the soundtrack, are from this area or very close by.

“In regards to the film itself, the main two characters are from Stoke, which is where the journey begins.

“It’s bit of a road movie that takes them all the way to Scotland. Even in Scotland though, most of the scenes were filmed in places like Middleport Pottery, The Leopard Hotel in Burslem or Vale cafe. It’s an easy cheat.

“A lot was filmed around the Peak District also, such as Thorn cave, The Roaches.”

The Slayers follows two brothers who spend the last two weeks on earth in the mountains of Scotland, but get more than they bargained for when they run into a duo claiming to be Vampire hunters.

The director added: “I will always write something that I believe has never been done before.

“The Slayers is pretty wacky and odd – certainly not your typical horror or comedy film. It has good comedy moments and good horror in equal measure.”

Ian Moore, a teacher from Burslem, has a cameo as a priest in the film.

He said: “I had a ball – I spent four hours with a very welcoming cast and crew in a very cold church near Leek.

“I’m very excited to see the finished product.”

This isn’t the first film that John has set in Stoke.

His first feature, The Mothertown, saw zombies overrun Burslem.

He said: “I love the area and the people. This is where I grew up.

“It’s got some great talent, great bands, artists and Port Vale. What more could you want?

“As long as I keep getting support from the people in this city then I will keep doing it.”


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