University’s games partner releases VR Editor


Epic Games, a studio partnered with Staffordshire University, has revealed a brand new piece of software aimed at the growing virtual reality market.

VR Editor allows developers to step into their creations and work on them in real time.

The editor was revealed on the company’s official Twitch channel. CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, said that VR Editor will become a core tool in the VR developers kit.

“I think this is a start of a real revolution. Every application over the next decade is going to move into VR,” said Sweeney. “We have a few key pieces of the engine implemented now, but this is just the start. Expect the VR Editor to update rapidly.”


Epic Games has maintained a working relationship with Staffordshire University since 2013 when Epic’s European territory manager was invited to lecture on the computer game design course.

This relationship expanded when the Epic Games centre was launched early 2014 on the Stafford campus, allowing students to prepare for the realities of working for the games industry.

This year, thanks to support from companies like Epic Games, Staffordshire University is holding a competition for its students  ‘VR Vanguard’ challenging students to innovate beyond “the current issues, constraints and problems facing VR development”.

At the end of the competition, four teams of students will be financially assisted by the university to complete and sell their prototypes.

This is following news last month of Staffordshire hosting ‘the worlds first virtual reality rollercoaster’ at Alton Towers, making the region a notable hot spot for VR news.



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