Games review: Dub Dash


Dub Dash is a fast-paced rhythm runner that involves avoiding obstacles at high speeds.

At its core, it is a rhythm platformer where the player has to jump either left or right to avoid obstacles.

There are nine levels to complete, and the game also features challenge and split-screen multiplayer modes.

It takes some getting used to, and the first few levels are thankfully quite simple, allowing you to get used to the style of play.

At multiple points throughout a level, the player goes through a doorway and the style of the game changes.

There are quite a few moments when switching between modes that the game doesn’t give you enough time to adapt, causing you to crash straight into an obstacle the moment it switches. Losing like this is really frustrating, and there are a lot of moments where you can crash into an obstacle and it will be justified, but losing this way makes you feel cheated.

The best part of this game is easily the soundtrack, and visually it’s no slouch.

The music, which the gameplay is built around, is good to listen to and goes extremely well with how it plays.

You get a real sense of achievement when finishing a level or getting past a certain point, and the music does a lot to compliment this.

Dub Dash can at times be fun, but it can also be extremely irritating. It has great music and decent visuals, and for the most part satisfying level design.

The main issue with the game, and what held it back from a better grade, is the occasionally troublesome level design, which leads to some incredibly frustrating moments that add an unfair element to an already unforgiving difficulty curve.

Played on: PlayStation 4

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Certificate: 12

Score: 3/5


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