Banff mountain film festival comes to Stafford


The Banff mountain film festival is coming to Stafford.

The Canadian film festival showcases independent films about wilderness, filming and outdoor adventures.

One of the films, “Operation Moffat”, pays tribute to the first British female mountain guide Gwen Moffat, and chronicles her life as well as the filmmaker and crew attempting to travel the same routes she did.

Also being screened is “A line in the sky” which follows mountaineers Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold as they attempt to climb the Fitz Roy traverse in Patagonia, which was long thought to be impossible.

Other entry “Unbranded” follows the story of several Texas cowboys who attempt to tame a herd of wild horses to stop them from being culled by the government, who view them as harmful to the ecosystem.

All films will be shown at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre on Friday February 12.

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