Alton Towers reveals new ride ‘Galactica’


Alton Towers has officially launched the world’s first virtual reality roller coaster.

The latest attraction, revealed by the Staffordshire theme park today (January 11),, is called Galactica and will see riders launched into outer space with a 3.5G-force launch.

With a launch more powerful than a real rocket, visitors will travel along the 840-metre long track at 75km per hour – giving the feeling of flying.

Galactica is set to open in April, and is being built on the site of the Air coaster, in the Forbidden Valley.

The coaster takes riders through twists, turns and loops to give the feeling of flying through space.

Every rider will be wearing a specialist VR headset and will be guided through space by artificial intelligence, through wormholes and undiscovered galaxies.

The ride is 189-seconds long and includes a 20m drop.

Watch the trailer for the ride below:

Gill Riley, marketing director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Galactica uses ground-breaking technology to give riders a breathtaking and completely unique roller coaster experience.

“Tim Peake captured the imagination of millions of Brits last year when he set off on his mission to the International Space Station – and now our visitors can become astronauts, too.

“There is nowhere else in the world that people can experience the feeling of a flying roller coaster combined with soaring through the universe.

“For two minutes, our guests will be transported into space and we believe Galactica showcases the future for theme parks around the world – it’s a complete game changer.”

The launch comes days after Alton Towers revealed plans to open the world’s first roller coaster restaurant – changing the meaning of fast food forever.

The new Rollercoaster Restaurant is offering guests the chance to watch their food tackle two gravity defying loop-the-loops before dropping eight metres – the equivalent of two double-decker buses – down the tornado spiral on to their table.

The restaurant is set to open after the ride, in May 2016, and the food will travel on a roller coaster track above the heads of guests – reaching speeds as fast as Mo Farah’s Olympic gold win (21km per hour).

Rollercoaster Restaurant is set to be built next to the new Galactica ride in the Forbidden Valley part of the park.


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