Sandbach store is home to UK’s biggest cheese


A Sandbach cheese store is going to prove it’s ‘grate’ at cutting the biggest cheese in the UK tomorrow.

The cheese which tops the scales at a whopping 100kg is just under a metre in diameter.

Manager Daniel Williams – or the ‘Big Cheese’ as he likes to be called – at Godfrey C Williams & Son  is the 5th generation of his family to work in the brie-lliant family run store.

Daniel, from Sandbach, wanted to do something different for his ‘little town’, and brought the whole six-month-aged Emmental cheese over from Switzerland.

He told StaffsLive: “Not many come over to the UK, it’s the only one that’s been in the UK for the past two years.

“A limited number made in Switzerland and most of them stay in the continent, this one is here in out little town in Sandbach.

Say Cheese! Dan with the record Emmental

Say Cheese! Dan with the record Emmental

“It’s just something special, something different to do, we always like to get in cheeses as they are supposed to be.

“We’re doing something different, doing something new.

“Sandbach is made up of quite a few independent shops.

“We come up with independent idea and new idea-like a great big cheese.

“Something new always brings people in, for us to join in on that and not only open a speciality piece for Sandbach but something thats different nationwide is amazing.”

Shopper Tracey Robinson, from Holmes Chapel, said: “Wow – that’s a really big cheese!

“It’s going to get more attention and bring more people into Sandbach.

“I’ll definitely come back to try it.”

Steve Hemmings, 64, added: “It’s an amazing cheese, I think the finest cheese I’ve ever seen in my life.

“I’ve come all the way from Smallwood to see this cheese, and it’s the greatest cheese in the world.”

On the challenge of cutting the cheese Daniel added: “I have never cut a cheese this size, we have great big 50kg wheels of whole Gruyere, which are difficult at best, but for this it’s going to be spectacular just to cut it.

“Bit of a challenge is an understatement, it took four people to get it into the shop so hopefully I’ll have someone to help me.

“I think when it was rolled in it was nearly shoulder height on me.”

Head down tomorrow at 11am to witness this cheese cutting… you’d be ‘crackers’ to miss it.



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