Keele Christmas Tree Farm hosts national tree chucking championship


People from Staffordshire threw themselves into the festive spirit at this year’s Christmas tree chucking competition.

Contestants were ‘pining’ to get involved in the quirky Christmas contest which is held at Keele Christmas Tree Farm.

Charlie Reynolds, 20, took over Keele Christmas Tree Farm more than three years ago and thought of the idea whilst watching the TV show You’ve Been Framed.

He said:”I just saw some guys lobbing a tree about and thought it would be a good competition.

“They only do it in Germany so I patented it so no-one else can host the Christmas Tree Throwing Championships.”

It then grew from just an idea to a great success after the first competition had over 100 competitors and raised over £700 for Help for Heroes and the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice last year.

The tree-mendous contest consists of two parts, the first is to throw a 6ft Norway Spruce as far as possible which is called Hammerwurf style.

Contestants can also throw the tree Hochwurf style, where the aim is to throw the tree as high as possible over a pole.

In Germany ,the Christmas tree throwing contest is a way of getting rid of their trees after the festive period.

Despite last year’s success the weekend’s weather meant the number of contestants in Staffordshire had wilted in comparison to last year.

This year’s star performer was 36 year-old Stephen Moran, from Tunstall, who won the competition with a throw of 6.75m.

He said:”It was good fun, the boys loved it. It’s always good to throw a Christmas tree isn’t it.

“We’ll make it an annual thing, we will write down our personal bests and see if we can beat them next year.

“One day it’ll get to the point where they throw me and not the Christmas tree.”

StaffsLive reporters Matt Davies and Emma James could not wait to have a go themselves. Click on the video below to see how they got on.



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