Sugarmill crowd welcomes back The Ordinary Boys


Indie rock band The Ordinary Boys made a fantastic return to the Sugarmill, after a 10-year absence from the venue.

Preston and co were quick to claim when they last played the Hanley venue, it was their greatest gig.

This time round they posted on their Facebook page last night a picture of The Sugarmill with the caption: ‘Best. Gig. Ever.’

The Ordinary Boys performing at the Sugarmill, Hanley

The Ordinary Boys highlight what they thought of the evening

The venue was filled with a nervous excitement, before the band’s punk-influenced swagger turned those nerves into euphoria.

They were supported by Rinse, a four-piece band with members from Newcastle-under-Lyme and Longton, with a fitting similar style to the boys from Worthing.

Whilst lead singer and guitarist Josh Hollingworth’s daytime occupation is a gravedigger, there was nothing lifeless about his performance.

A hard-hitting and uplifting set from Rinse gave The Ordinary Boys the perfect platform to take the night to the next level.

They opened with Walking On The Fault Lines, which set the standard with its fast-paced tempo and Preston’s cockiness giving the crowd what they wanted.

A punchy set made sure the crowd were engrossed from the off, whilst letting the audience have a laugh at the band’s expense when many chanted they supported Chelsea, following a Britannia Stadium defeat by Stoke City earlier that day.

The Ordinary Boys ended the set with their anthemic Boys Will Be Boys, which when re-released in 2006 went to number 3 in the UK singles chart, sending the room into a nostalgic hysteria.

With a room packed with people in full voice, there was no arguing with the band’s declaration it was their best gig ever.


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