Review: Sea Based Turtles rejuvenate funk with debut album Real Resonations


Sea Based Turtles have made sure they are the act on everyone’s lips with the release of their debut album Real Resonations.

The seven-piece funk, soul and hip-hop collective formed in 2010 after meeting at Staffordshire University.

After a few line-up changes and balancing studies with making music, Sea Based Turtles saw it through and five years later have released Real Resonations.

The initial thought which strikes after listening to Sea Based Turtles is that they have a unique, experimental sound.

It is refreshing to hear a blend of funk and soul, which is demonstrated in the smooth yet syncopated guitars and drums section, accompanied by rapping which is both lyrical and energetic.

Each song on the ten-song album has a different feel to it, but the common denominator is the individual talent behind each of the seven musicians.

The majority of the songs are based around having fun and enjoying life, as expressed on Night Out, which with a prominent jagged bass guitar, epitomising funk and good times.

Sea Based Turtles show their versatility with songs such as the title track Real Resonations, which shows through laid-back vocals, a calmer side to the act.

As the album reaches a close, the tempo picks up and Sea Based Turtles really leave their mark.

Fire and Flames is the song which if played live, will be a definite crowd pleaser.

It is remarkable for a relatively young band to put out such a powerful and professional sounding album, and it will be one which gains the act more deserved recognition.

Real Resonations can be bought on the band’s Bandcamp page which you can find here.

Sea Based Turtles have also promised the release of a new EP at the start of 2016.

Click here for the band’s Facebook page.


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