Friends of A500 crash victim Sean Longstaff complete his Snowdon charity climb


Friends and family of A500 crash victim Sean Longstaff have carried out his plan of climbing Mount Snowdon for charity.

Sean, 22, who had hoped to climb Snowdon for Little Hero’s charity, was killed after his car collided with a HGV in August.

Following the accident, his friends decided to do it in his honour and raise more money for the charity.

Sean Longstaffs friends

Rory Pickering and other friends of Sean Longstaff on top of Mount Snowdon

Rory Pickering, from Fenton, was one of 10 people who joined the charity climb for his friend.

Those involved were mainly locals from the Old Sal Pub in Smallthorne, where Sean had been head chef for a number of years.

“The walk was actually something that Sean was organising with Rachel Boumford,” said Rory, 23.

“It was to raise money for Little Heroes Cancer Trust which simply provides toys, distractions and smiles to children and the families of children who are living with cancer.

“He asked me to take part a while back and to be honest I wasn’t really up for it at the time, but given the situation it was the least I could do!”

The pair had been friends for the last three years, and Rory describes his pal as ‘the life and soul of every party’.

“It always sounds really cliche describing Sean, as it’s what you hear about most people have passed, but he really was just a kind-hearted soul, always put everyone before himself. 

“I can’t really describe our friendship, I’d only know him for three years but we spend near enough every day together.

“Everybody loved him, he was so lively and talkative that no one ever felt awkward around him, even if you didn’t know him it didn’t matter as he’d treat you like you’d been mates for years.”

As well as the 1,085m climb to the top of Mount Snowdon, his friends also created mural in Central Forest Park, Hanley, in his memory.

Sean Longstaff mural

Mural dedicated to Sean Longstaff in Central Forest Park

Rory added: “I think I underestimated the walk at the time, and thought it would be easy. It wasn’t too bad but definitely harder than  I anticipated.

“When we were about an hour into the walk we could finally see the peak we were aiming for albeit tiny in the distance and as you got closer and closer it felt like we weren’t making progress and the mountain appeared bigger and bigger.

“I did enjoy it, beautiful scenery all the way up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

“It was definitely worth doing it for him, and I would do it again.

“In fact I think we’re going to organise something similar for next year and maybe it’ll become a yearly tradition!”


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