Bullet For My Valentine raise hell at the Victoria Hall


Welsh metal act Bullet For My Valentine gave fans a night to remember after their typically anarchic show in Stoke-on-Trent’s Victoria Hall.

The band is touring the UK in support of their latest album Venom, released in August.

Venom gave the band further mainstream success after it reached No.1 in the UK Album Charts for five days.

Bullet had played arenas across Britain on their previous tour in 2013, but decided to downscale the venues this time round to get closer to the fans.

First up on the bill was Coldrain, a Japanese rock band, who certainly made an impression on the Potteries crowd.


Sheffield’s While She Sleeps, an upcoming metal five-piece who are notorious for their anarchic live sets, provided the main support for Bullet.

They erupted into Brainwashed, a hit from their latest album with the same name, and the mosh pits started forming instantly.

One of their most popular songs, Seven Hills, received one of the biggest sing-along moments of the night. So big, the crowd almost drowned out the drums (which was no mean feat).

As good as the support bands were, it was all quickly forgotten the very second the lights came down for Bullet For My Valentine’s arrival on stage.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Matt Tuck bellowed “No Way Out” and the band delved into the song, causing appreciative crowd mayhem.

Usually a large gap in the middle of the venue would signify an undersold show, but in this instance it meant room was purposefully made for sweaty adolescents to run around and then bash into one another, otherwise known as a circle pit.

These never seemed to cease throughout the entire set, as Bullet came packed with classic hit after classic hit.

This year marked a decade since the release of their debut album The Poison which was what Tuck had said was “the reason we are all here tonight.”

Bullet showed this by playing rarities from that album such as 4 Words To Choke Upon and The Poison.

Highlight of the night was when Bullet played their undisputed greatest hit Tears Don’t Fall.

From start to finish the atmosphere was at an all time high and Bullet For My Valentine continued to prove why they are one of the biggest and best acts in the metal industry.


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