Festival Park barista whips up superhero-themed coffee


Kieran Nolan, 27, creator of the superhero coffee

A coffee shop in Festival Park is serving up superhero-themed brews – thanks to an artistic barista.

Kieran Nolan, 27, of Fenton, has created home-made stencils based on Marvel Comic Book characters to create shapes in the coffee he serves.

The idea was based on a previous promotional stencils the Costa Coffee had received for a superhero-themed charity event, representing Batman and Superman.

Kieran said: “We couldn’t get hold of any stencils this time around, so my manager just said why don’t you just make them?”

The team leader at the Costa Coffee based at the Festival Park Odeon cinema originally trained as a signwriter, and made the stencils by laminating sheets of paper and hand-cutting the shapes with a knife.

The stencils include Iron Man’s mask, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and the Avengers badge.

Kieran said it took an hour to make them all.

Festival Park Odeon is the only Odeon cinema, which has taken part in this home-made promotional material, sparking wild enthusiasm from other cinemas in the chain.

Kieran added: “They’ve all contacted us saying, ‘They’re brilliant! How have you done them?’

“We keep it a little bit of a secret, but I think anyone could work it out. It means we can show off.”

Some screenings of Avengers: Age of Ultron at the Odeon have sold out tickets, marking the beginning of the lucrative summer movie season.

Click on the video below to watch Kieran whip up an Iron Man cappuccino



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