Stoke Sainsbury’s boss in the stocks for Comic Relief’s Red Nose day


A supermarket boss was pelted with eggs and squirted with water to raise cash for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

Stoke Sainsbury’s manager Pete Jones had a stint in the stocks at the Etruria Road store.

He had been nominated by staff to be attacked with shaving foam pies, eggs and water.

Staff and shoppers dug deep to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Mr Jones said: “It’s for a great cause and I’d do it all again.”

Photographers and owners of Gallery 116 Darren Washington, 37, and Mark Brereton, 38, were also at the store raising money for the cause with a special selfie booth.

People were able to donate cash and get a ‘silly selfie’ with them who were dressed in animal onesies for the event.

Mr Brereton said: “We’re getting fun Red Nose Day photos with people inside the store, outside the store and just have a fun day, hopefully we’ll raise some money as well.”

Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College students were also helping out with bag packing in return for donations to Comic Relief.

Karen Eardley, Stoke Sainsbury’s charity representative, said: “We can’t thank the customers enough for their generosity.

“We’ve got Scouts in tomorrow helping us pack bags, so all weekend something’s going on.”

Fundraising activities will carry on over the weekend and the grand total of donations received will be revealed on Monday, March 16.

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