Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy calls for lower voting age


Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy has called for the voting age to be lowered to 16.

The Conservative MP was speaking to a number of students at Stafford College during a debate with Labour candidate Kate Godfrey.

Mr Lefroy said if the voting age could be dropped from 18 to 16, as it was in this year’s Scottish referendum, then it could be lowered for general elections.

Mr Lefroy said: “We need to work for the good of everybody, I would like to see the age of voting to reduced to 16.”

The MP agreed with his opponents in the Labour Party, who plan reduce the voting age if they win the general election in May.

But he said young people need to get more involved in politics.

Mr Lefroy said: “We need to make politics more relevant to young people, the whole system needs a large overhaul.

“It is also about encouraging young people to come into politics, the procedures and the way business is conducted is what many young people don’t find relevant.

“I think the fundamental thing we need to change in terms of engagement is to speak about the issues that matter the most. “

Labour’s Kate Godfrey also criticised the government for turning young people off politics.

She added: “They are hoping in the government that you guys are not going to vote because if you do vote then you have power, then you can turn around and hold them accountable.

“This is a government not interested in young people.”

The debate at Stafford College was part of the launch of a weekly debating society at the college.


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