Alton Towers makes bid for world record-breaking treasure hunt


Schoolchildren will turn into amateur explorers as they take part in an Alton Towers Guinness World Record attempt for the planet’s largest treasure hunt game.

The current record stands at 1,001 participants.

But this year, 1,500 children are expected to take part from around the country.

The Staffordshire resort hosts a world record attempt every year to commemorate National Science Week.

Treasure hunters will be put into groups of 10 and given a GPS tablet, which will then guide them to hotspots on the theme park.

Once they reach it, a science-based question will appear for them to answer before they move on to the next spot.

Once they have solved the puzzles, the location of the treasure will be revealed.

The treasure hunt is expected to last 45 minutes and it is free for schools to take part in if they are already in the park.

The attempt will take place on March 27 from 10.15am to 11.30am.

Rachael Cotton, head of trade and corporate sales at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Following the success of last year’s largest ever science lesson, we’re delighted to be involved with another exciting world record attempt and are really looking forward to seeing the treasure hunt take place.”



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