Two Newcastle-under-Lyme councillors resign from Labour group


Labour has lost its majority on Newcastle Borough Council following the resignation of two councillors.

Councillor Mrs Gillian Burnett

Councillor Gillian Burnett

Council Leader Mike Stubbs confirmed that Paul Waring, who represents Newchapel, and Gillian Burnett, for Ravenscliffe, have both resigned from the party.

Cllr Stubbs said the resignations were very unfortunate.

“They were deselected in their seats for forthcoming election,” he said.

“Rather than wait until May they have resigned from the party.”

This leaves the party with just 29 councillors of the 60 on the council.

Mr Waring said they had resigned due to personal issues within the Labour Party in Newcastle.

“I would imagine that other people will follow,” he told Staffslive.

Mrs Burnett said she felt she had been unfairly deselected and that was extremely disappointed with the local Labour party.

Councillor Paul Waring

Councillor Paul Waring

She also said she would be standing for the borough and town councils for Ravenscliffe.

“I may not be successful  but I will make damn sure that the Labour candidate is not,” she said.

“I’m confident that my standing will split the vote.

“After all, the people of Ravenscliffe will remember the work I have given to the area in the past years.

“They deserve better than the current Labour party are prepared to offer them in the forthcoming elections.

“I will be attending the full council on Wednesday and I shall be voting however I please.”

Cllr  Stubbs said Labour would run a minority administration until the local elections in May.


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