Labour candidate Trudie McGuinness hopes to win Staffordshire Moorlands seat


With fewer than three months until the general election, parliamentary candidate for Staffordshire Moorlands Trudie McGuinness is hoping to bring Labour back to the area.

Selected almost 14 months ago, Mrs McGuinness, who grew up in Biddulph, has had nearly 20 years’ experience within the party.

Labour held the seat in the Staffordshire Moorlands between 1997 and 2010 but lost to the Conservatives in the last election.

Karen Bradley MP won the seat with a  majority of more than 6,500.

Ms McGuinness will stand against the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party in May and hopes to win the seat back.

She said: “The Moorlands is temporarily sitting in the wrong hands – the needs of the people will be much more accommodated by a Labour government.

“The incumbent Tory has a not insignificant majority but we have got a five-horse race for the first time – it really opens up the field and anything could happen on election night.

“My job is to campaign hard as I have done since I was selected.

“I need to know by 10pm on May 7, when the polls close, that I have done everything that I reasonably, passionately and honestly can to win the seat back for Labour.”

For Ms McGuinness, job insecurity, the NHS, transport in the Moorlands and economic inequality are key issues in the forthcoming election.

The Labour candidate is concerned about the farming business across the rural Moorlands, following reports of farmers losing money on the production of milk.

She said: “Having spoken to farmers in the Moorlands, I know it is having a detrimental impact on their livelihood.

“They have struggled against supermarkets pushing down the prices of milk.”

She added: “The footage of the Butterton abattoir is deeply disturbing. I have seen the stills on Facebook and it is very upsetting.

“I am a meat-eater but seeing those scenes really turns the stomach.

“I am pleased in the light of this dreadful affair that it has been exposed and those responsible will be held to account.”


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