Stoke Speedway ‘may have to be sold’ after vandals went on wrecking spree


Stoke Potters Speedway promoter Dave Tattum is considering selling the stadium after damage caused by vandals has put the Chesterton-based race track in financial trouble.

Widespread damage was caused on November 16 by yobs who smashed up toilets, DVD players and part of the stadium.

They also defecated on the turnstiles and a JCB was damaged.

Mr Tattum said that the cost of repairing the damage could be up to £7,000 and that puts the speedway at risk.

He has been a promoter for Stoke Potters since 1998 and said the damage caused by vandals could be the last straw in his time at the racing club.

He told StaffsLive: “It’s come to a point where maybe I’ve had enough, if anyone wants to buy me out, then I would sell it lock, stock and barrel.

“It’s very unlike me to talk negative, but when you’ve had the week that we’ve had then I think you’d understand why.

“I used to come here in 1991 and have worked here for nearly 20 years, so this place is a part of me and I’m very passionate about here.”

“Unlike the big football clubs in Staffordshire like Port Vale or Stoke City, we don’t attract the big sponsors, which we desperately need right now.”

Mr Tattum said the cash the club will have to spend repairing the damage was meant to be used for the opening of the new season.

He said: It’s been, it is, and it will be an uphill struggle.”

In November 2010, the team had to withdraw from Premier League racing to drop a division and compete in the National League, speedway’s third tier.

The club had been struggling financially for the last couple of seasons and the move was made in order to stabilise finances and hopefully get on a sure footing to make a return to the Premier League later.

However after losing in the National League play-offs in 2011, Stoke Potters have struggled ever since and the extensive damage caused by vandals have put Stoke Speedway in further financial trouble.

Mr Tattum added: “The main factors are whether we can get enough revenue in to survive.”

He said he was going to a meeting on December 9, which will decide whether it continues.

Staffordshire Police are investigating the report of vandalism.

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