Statue unveiled in Brampton Park to mark First World War centenary


A statue has been unveiled in Brampton Park to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme Linda Hailstones attended a special event on Armistice Day and said the town should be full of pride of the £20,000 statue.

The life-sized sculpture depicts a woman reading a letter sent from the Armed Forces informing her that family members had died in battle.

The Realise Foundation and Travis Perkins each contributed £10k towards the project.

Councillor Hailstones said: “It shows a real sense of pride in Newcastle-under-Lyme and we want to carry it into the future.

“It was an honour for me to unveil the statue.

“Remembrance Sunday and the event has been full of children, full of people of all ages and all dominations have joined together to remember what happened 100 years ago and what we need to take forward to the future.”

Art apprentice Callum Marchese, 16, from Mow Cop, worked alongside sculptor Andy Edwards to create the statue, which is made from a mixture of recycled and new metal.

Callum said: “I’m very proud of myself and the Artworks team.

“I can proudly say that not many 16-year-olds have sculptured a woman out of metal so I’m delighted.”


As the statue was unveiled, there was a reading from the poem Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain, a Newcastle-under-Lyme-born writer, who lost her fiancé Roland Leighton and her brother Edward Brittain in the First World War.

The Realise Foundation is a regeneration charity, which helps people and communities in North Staffordshire to reach their full potential, was heavily involved in the project.

Will Nixon, chief executive of the Realise Foundation,said: “It gives a fantastic environmental improvement to an already great park.

“The connection with Vera Brittain, someone that was local to this area with the museum containing a number of her writings, was a really good idea.

“The whole combination of young people being involved in making something like this, connecting all the way back 100 years, I hope in another 100 years people are still enjoying what we’ve created here.”

Mayor Linda Hailstones and apprentice Callum Marchese with the statue.

Mayor Linda Hailstones and apprentice Callum Marchese with the statue.


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