Friends remember “beautiful” Eni Mevish, stabbed to death in Stoke-on-Trent


Close friends of Eni Mevish who was stabbed to death in Stoke-on-Trent, have described her as a “beautiful, intelligent girl who just wanted to help people”.

Mwamba Malama and Melanie-Vanessa Enyong spoke exclusively to Staffslive about the 20-year-old policing student, who died in the street yards from her home in Shelton.

They described Eni, originally from Manchester, as a caring friend “who did not deserve what happened to her”.

Mwamba, 22, who lived with Eni at their house on Cauldon Road, Shelton, remembers the first time she met her.

She said: “I remember seeing this girl in the library, she was so well dressed.

“It just must have been fate that we met at the house when we were viewing it and that we became housemates.

“When we first met her she was very quiet and she never swore ever, and when she did it was just so funny.

“She was very mature and sometimes I would forget that I was older than her.

“She was so well-spoken, articulate and really understood people.”

Eni Mevish

Eni Mevish

Before moving to Stoke, Eni lived with her mother and older brother in the Longsight area of Manchester.

She attended Levenshulme High School and worked as a waitress at a local curry house.

The experience rubbed off on her friends.

“She was a very good cook and would make curry from scratch. She taught us a lot of her culture,” recalls Mwamba.

She then moved to Stoke-on-Trent last year – her first time away from her home city.

While studying policing at Staffordshire University, her dream was to join the Greater Manchester Police, even applying earlier this year for their academy without success.

“She would train really hard as she was so determined to join the police,” says Melanie-Vanessa, 23, one of Eni’s closest friends at university.

“Eni would run through the park and when she saw an officer she would say ‘that’s what I want to be’ – she just wanted to help.

“She only ever wanted the best for people because she loved exercising so much she used to encourage us to get out there with her – that was the type of person she was.

“The other day we saw a policewoman and it just really reminded us of who Eni could have been.”

Eni also had a passion for Bollywood movies, Starbucks coffee and would never miss an episode of EastEnders, her friends said.

“She would ALWAYS find time to watch it!” laughs Mwamba.

Eni Mevish

Eni had recently been chosen as a student ambassador to represent the university at events and help younger students.

“She was very passionate about her course and loved this place so much,” says Mwamba.

Eni’s two friends have just returned to the house on Cauldon Road – four days after the incident which led to her death.

“One of the hardest things about going back to the house was going into her room.

“It’s so neat, so put together. Her perfumes were all lined up on the shelf,” said Melanie-Vanessa.

“Imagining her last moments, the struggle.

“It was so hard because knowing her and knowing the type of person she was, she really did not deserve what happened to her.

“We all miss her, she had an amazing energy.

“She was such a beautiful, intelligent girl who just wanted to help people,” added Mwamba.

A remembrance service for Eni will be held at Staffordshire University’s Leek Road Venue in Stoke on Monday November 17.

David Marshall , 68, or Birks Street, Stoke, will appear before a court in April charged with her murder and of wounding another man.


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